Board meetings are the third Wednesday of every month at 3:00 p.m., and are held at the ACHS office at 225 Church St, Jackson (Museum Cottage).

We invite all interested parties to attend our monthly meetings and encourage your suggestions and active participation in Society events and endeavors.

Please feel free to contact ACHS via E-mail and one of the ACHS Officers will respond to you within 24 hours or you may contact an officer or directors directly via e-mail.

2017 Officers   2017 Directors

President - Jeana Hultquist
Vice President - Ed Arata
Secretary - Judy Jebian
Correspondence Sec. - Keith Sweet

Treasurer - Wayne Garibaldi


Alicia Miller
Coni Saracino
Danna Saunders
Gary Reinoehl
Georgia Fox
Grant Vogel
Leonard Williams
Phillip Guirlani
Russ Van Voorhis
Teresa Guidi
Thornton Consolo


ACHS Mission Statement

The Society was formed for the purpose of identifying and preserving items of historical interest of Amador County for its residents and the general public. And to educate and increase public awareness while at the same time enlisting public support for historical preservation in Amador County.

The Amador County Historical Society has also partnered with the Recreational Railroad Coalition Historical Society in owning and operating the Amador Central Railroad ™, a great part of the county’s history.


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